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April 29 2017

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Situational awareness….

Definitely failed that spot check

or a natural 20 on a stealth check

well, age does add -1 to perception with each year over 65

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Been looking at this for a while, and something about it seemed off.  Something else is going on here, behind the scenes.  And it hit me.


Look at where the floor is.  Her legs, in order to reach it, must be Liefeldian in length!  And then the obvious solution presented itself.


She’s standing on a dog!

No wonder this man is in here crying. She is a monster.

Far be it from me to argue with someone with nineteen years and counting of artistic experience, but that is exactly what I’m going to do, right now! Watch me! 


Yes, examination of that background and the marks on the floor of the shed lead me to the conclusion that there’s a great big hill of sand for her to be standing on. Thus obviously the reason he’s crying is that he’s just finished sweeping and now she’s letting all the sand in. As someone who spent many years at a summer camp with a sandy bank by the lake, and who was often made to sweep his own bunk, I can assure you that this is an unforgivable offense. Sand is the worst and there is always more of it. 

I will give you that there definitely appears to be sand.  However, it’s a clearly not a solid fixture of sand which would support the weight of an adult human woman.  



now he can’t even close the door

fuck you, lady

This is the reason I am on tumblr

#someone photoshop Anakin’s face on the guy



problem solved 

Y’all I came on tumblr for this kind of shit I’m so impressed

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Kuli the one-eyed cat started surfing when he was 6 months old after being rescued from the streets of Honolulu. He has no fear of water because he was bathed a lot while recovering from eye surgery.

As far as surfing cats go, Kuli is a pro - although he does wear a teeny-tiny-yet-functional life preserver on occasion.

He seems pretty content with life, even immediately following surgery.

I just want to point out that you may never again see another photo that includes a one-eyed cat, drenched in water, floating on a surfboard, perfectly chill, in front of a double rainbow.


This is the most magnificent photo I have ever seen.

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April 27 2017

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April 23 2017

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April 22 2017

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A rat would be placed in a cage and given two water bottles: one containing only water and one containing water that was laced with heroin or cocaine. The rat almost always preferred the drug water and almost always killed itself within a few hours. So there you go — that's our theory of addiction.

Bruce came along in the 1970s and said, Hang on a minute, we're putting the rat in an empty cage. He's got nothing to do, except use the drug water. Let's do this differently.

So Bruce built Rat Park. Rat Park was heaven for rats. Anything a rat could want, it got in Rat Park. It had lovely food, colored walls, tunnels to scamper down, other rats to have sex with. And they had access to both water bottles — the drug water and the normal water.

What's fascinating is that in Rat Park, they didn't like the drug water. They hardly ever used it. They only used it in low doses, none of them ever overdose and none used it in a way that looked compulsive or addictive.

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did that raven just get kissed and then fall over blushing.

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